Photo Sharing and Storage Services

Online photo storage services offer a way to back up your pictures, share them with other people and access them from multiple devices or locations. When selecting a service, be sure to compare space limits, fees, interfaces and any photo resolution limits.

Read on for a quick comparison of several major service providers:

Flickr lets members store up to 1,000 pictures and/or video recordings for free. Users can upgrade to unlimited space by paying a monthly or yearly fee. A Pro membership also banishes ads and provides discounts on related services.

Unlike many alternatives, Shutterfly supplies unlimited image storage space at no cost. You can pay to store videos or have your photographs printed. It also offers custom wall art, books, gifts and more.

Vintage camera. Public domain image.

On the other hand, Google Photos recently stopped providing unlimited space. It now caps uploads at 15 gigabytes (you can pay for more). An advantage of this service is that it permits free video storage.

IDrive has a basic five-gigabyte free option. There are a wide range of paid subscriptions with annual fees. An appealing aspect of IDrive is that you can store many different types of files (images, documents, PDFs, etc).

Although it's primarily an ad-free email service, FastMail [sponsored] lets users store files totaling 2 to 200 GB (depending on their paid membership level). It provides a way to share photos as well.

The best choice depends on how many pictures you want to upload, their resolution and a few other factors. If none of these services suit your needs, you might benefit from considering an alternative like Nikon Image Space or 500px. may earn commissions from sponsored links

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